A little history here...

The last owners, Marie and Jacques, had restored the ancestral residence going back to 1867 with an aim of offering more comfort to you in its patrimonial decoration of XIXth century. It was renovated carefully in order to preserve all the seal of the Québécois houses of its time.

The name "Elzear Ouellet" come from the first owner of the house, important storekeeper of the time. Mr. Ouellet came to be established in the area of Bois-Francs where it founded, in Arthabaska (Victoriaville): The House Elzéar Ouellet, an important commercial firm of the time.

Marie and Jacques takes possession of the house November 30th 2007. The house needed many restorations. Two years without weekend, nor holidays to complete and follow work (plumbing, heating, electricity, roof, windows, insulation, external and interior covering, balconies, decoration and more). Lastly, their efforts were rewarded because they were pleased to accomodate their first customers on November 3, 2009.

Of Québécois design by its form, its three attic windows, its windows French and its kitchen of summer to the back, this large house was built in second half of the XIXth century. Its sheet covers with rod bring back for us behind; its ornamentations with the attic windows and the galleries let guess the rich person dwelling of then who is decorated in the taste victorien.

Now opened all the year long, our greater pleasure is than you feel well on our premises and than you have of Victoriaville to Center-of-Quebec an unforgettable memory. Halfway between Montreal and Quebec, it profits from an ideal geographical location: with the foot of the Appalachian Mountains and in edge of the plains of the St. Lawrence.

And photos of work.
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